About Me…

22-year-old business student that’s fascinated about the world, on a quest for continuous improvement, and hoping to bridge the gap between social & technological capital! 

How I Began…

I started this blog in 2018 to write about things that fascinated me from economics to finance to philosophy. The blog initially acted as a journal for all things that piqued my curiosity and eventually grew into a passion of mine.

This blog acts as a journal on my intellectual and spiritual journey through life!

What I’m Listening to…

  • Econtalk
  • Arseblog
  • Freakonomics/No Stupid Questions
  • NPR- Hidden Brain, The Indicator, Planet Money, Throughline
  • Business Wars
  • More or Less
  • BBC History
  • Pushkin- Revisionist History, Against the Rules
  • MacroMusings