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My name is Yash, and I am a consultant and writer. This is my little corner on the web.

  • What’s the meaning of life?
    The past year has been really tough for everyone around the world, and so it’s no surprise then the question I’ve been asking myself recently has been- What’s the purpose of all this?  It’s usually in times of crises […]
  • Individualism in the current socio-political context (Part I)
    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write this post given the political and social climate we find ourselves in now. The chances of being misunderstood or worse the accusation that I might be acting with malice are extremely […]
  • What the class of 2020 can learn from this crisis
    For many students graduating this year, this time seems unfair. From quite possibly heading into the hottest job market in decades just weeks before to now entering into a job market with the highest unemployment figures. The reversal has […]
  • Liberty and Taxation
    Under an Endowment Taxation system, people are taxed on what they could earn rather than what they actually earn. The argument is rooted in the principle that those who are better off should bear greater tax burdens. The questions […]

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